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660-155 Commerce Center Dr., Jacksonville, FL 32225
    DONBURI(A Bowl of Rice Topped with)
    • L1Chicken or Pork Katsu DonDeep fried chicken or pork cook with egg & vegetable. 7.95
    • L2Ten DonShrimp & vegetable tempura.7.50
    • L3Oyako DonChicken cooked with egg & vegetable.7.50
    • L4Sukiyaki DonSliced beef & vegetable cooked with sukiyaki sauce.8.50
    • L5Unagi DonBroiled eel with eel sauce.9.50
    FROM THE SUSHI BARServed with Miso Soup or Salad
    • L6Sushi Lunch5 pcs raw fish & 1 California roll (chef's choice).10.95
    • L7Sashimi Lunch10 pcs raw fish (chef's choice).10.95
    • L8Sushi & Sashimi Combination4 pcs sushi, 5 pcs sashimi & 1 California roll (chef's choice).12.95
    • L11Chicken Yaki Udon or SobaStir fried noodles w. chicken & vegetable.8.95
    • L12Vegetable Yaki Udon Or SobaStir fried noodles w. vegetable.7.95
    • L13Seafood Yaki Udon Or SobaStir fried noodles w. seafood & vegetable.10.95
    MINI CHIRASHI(Chef's choice)
    • L14Assorted Raw Fish & OmeletOver seasoned rice. (Chef's choice) 7.95
    FROM THE KITCHENServed w. Rice, Miso Soup or Salad
    • L27Chicken TeriyakiBroiled chicken w. teriyaki sauce.7.95
    • L28Steak TeriyakiBroiled beef w. teriyaki sauce.8.95
    • L29Shrimp TeriyakiBroiled shrimp w. teriyaki sauce.8.95
    • L30Tofu Teriyaki7.50
    • L31Chicken KatsuDeep fried breaded chicken w. katsu sauce.7.95
    • L32Tonkatsu (Pork)Deep fried breaded pork w. katsu sauce.7.95
    • L33Shrimp TempuraGently fried shrimps w. tempura sauce.8.95
    • L34Vegetable TempuraGently fried vegetables w. tempura sauce.7.00
    • L35Mix TempuraGently fried shrimps & vegetables w. tempura sauce.8.95
    • L36chicken tempura7.95
    • L37Beef ShogayakiSauteed sliced beef w. ginger sauce.8.95
    • L38Pork ShogayakiSauteed sliced pork w. ginger sauce.7.95
    • L39chicken hibachi7.95
    • L40steak hibachi8.95
    • L41shrimp hibachi8.95
    • L42vegetable hibachi6.95
    • L43Chicken Fried Rice6.95
    • L44Beef Fried Ric7.95
    • L45Shrimp Fried Rice7.95
    • L46Pork fried rice6.95
    • L47House fried rice9.50
    • L48vegetable fried rice5.95